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Sylvia Friederich

Member of the Management Board / Head of Residential Development

Sylvia Friederich is Head of Residential Development at Landmarken AG. She is a qualified industrial designer with a penchant for monuments. She is responsible for both residential development projects as well as the development of new residential concepts such as WE PARTMENT. Her expertise and creativity are also in demand in interdisciplinary projects such as St. Elisabeth or the developments taking place at the Theaterplatz in Aachen.

After studying at the Folkwang University in Essen with a focus on interior design, she initially worked for Wella in Darmstadt in the field of trade fair construction, exhibitions and facilities before the mother of two returned to Aachen in 2002. Here she continued her work for Wella, L’Oréal and Lufthansa as well as smaller start-ups on a self-employed basis.

Sylvia Friederich has been working for Landmarken AG since 2008. Her other projects include the conversion of the Belvedere rotating tower, the Villa Amalia in Wuppertal and the old district court in Stolberg.

Sylvia Friederich
T. +49 (0)241 1895-141