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Henrik Scholz

Member of the Management Board

Henrik Scholz has been with Landmarken AG since 2006 and now heads the Investment division. He began working in the company soon after completing his construction engineering degree at RWTH Aachen University and supported on various project developments; initially in construction (e.g. Recker Park in Würselen and Burg Centre Stolberg) and as a project manager (e.g. Veltmanplatz).

Today the real estate economist (IREBS) manages Landmarken AG’s entire sales process. This includes ensuring from the start that projects are attractive to the respective investment markets.

The enthusiastic skier and mountain biker has an extensive network in the property industry, but also in commerce and banking. Landmarken AG is proud that many transactions are originated and closed through the network that is maintained by the Landmarken AG team.

Henrik Scholz
T. +49 (0)241 1895-131