Guter Freund quarter, Aachen The “Guter Freund” quarter is being created in Aachen as part of a partly publicly subsidised residential development project. This is one of the biggest projects of its kind in North Rhine Westphalia.

The “Guter Freund” quarter is being developed in the southern half of the site as a modern and attractive residential quarter with affordable housing. Around 70 % of the 248 apartments being created on the approx. 15,500 m2 section of the plot are to be set aside for subsidised housing. The remaining apartments will be privately financed and will fall into mid-market category.

In order to provide the on-site tenants with a high level of service and to promote a social mix in the quarter, a nursery and a day care centre for elderly people are also planned. The northern part of the plot will be set aside for commercial use over the coming years.

Project type & statusNew building, under construction
LocationAt the corner of Freunder Weg / Eisenbahnweg, Aachen-Forst
Floors & areasBasement level (underground parking garage), ground floor, 1st to max. 4th floors + penthouse level; residential development approx. 19,250 m2 incl. nursery (approx. 870 m2) and day care centre (approx. 220 m2); rented residential space approx. 18,090 m2
Use & tenantsResidential development: publicly subsidised residential development, nursery for children, day care centre for the elderly
Contact partnerMaren Dudziak (rentals -,
Stefanie Schiech (Technical Project Manager), Kristin Gries-Lüning (sale of commercial space)

The concept won the polis Award 2016 in the category of “Urban Space Recycling” and beat close to 40 competitors from across Germany: “The jury valued the exemplary use and contribution made towards regenerating challengingurban areas through quality and social commitment, with the agreement of the city of Aachen.” The plot, a former military brownfield site, is situated in the east of Aachen close to the “Rothe Erde” train station. The quarter has excellent local supplies and links to both the public transport and motorway network.

For more information about the concept, see our project brochure. The site development plan reveals the transformation of this military brownfield site into a residential quarter in three stages.

Anyone interested in renting a space can find out more on our Guter Freund homepage and apply to rent an apartment by completing an application form as a PDF. Our flyer also provides lots of interesting additional information.

Site areaapprox. 25,500 m2 overall site, subsidised and privately financed residential development approx. 15,500 m2
Start of construction & completionDemolition complete, start of construction in 2nd quarter of 2016
Special features / otherWinner of the polis Award 2016 in the “Urban Space Recycling” category // one of the biggest subsidised residential development projects in North Rhine Westphalia with 248 apartments, 183 of them subsidised // own property management in property
Project participantspbs architekten (architecture), 3PLUS FREIRAUMPLANER (planning of open space)