DIGITAL CHURCH in Aachen - formerly the church of St. Elisabeth - becomes the beacon of digital transformation. The over one-hundred-year-old listed building is the largest church in Aachen. Landmarken AG has developed a concept for further use on behalf of a family office.

On the one hand, DIGITAL CHURCH is the new location of digitalHUB Aachen, which opened its co-working space there for start-ups, medium-sized businesses and industry on 7th July. On the other hand, DIGITAL CHURCH is also available for many types of events in order to continue to fulfill its importance as a meeting place and venue. In the future, it will also be available to rent for open cultural or private events.

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Project type & statusConversion / renovation, in operation
LocationJülicher Straße / Ecke Blücherplatz, Jülicher Straße 68/70 and 72a, Blücherplatz 2, Aachen
AreaKaplanhaus, Church of St. Elisabeth and apartment buildings approx. 2,210 m²
Use & tenantsdigitalHUB Aachen, Digitization Centre, Co-Working and Eventlocation
Contact partnersSylvia Friederich (Project Developer)

The former church of St. Elisabeth is a beautiful building and, due to its previous use as a place of worship, is also a very special building. Landmarken AG will handle this heritage with great care. Dr. Johannes Bartholomäus, who is a member of the parish council of “Christus unser Bruder” (Christ our Brother), is convinced of this, and emphasises: “It was important to us to find a partner who would handle the dignity and history of this building well and ensure appropriate use.”

As early as the summer of 2012, the parish had to decide to separate from the church - built from 1904 to 1907 - and search for a suitable buyer. The church was profaned at the end of April 2016 during a holy mass, and therefore discontinued.

From August to October 2016 there was a transitional use as an “urban culture hotel”. The “Hotel Total” was run by the company of the same name in cooperation with social institutions.