Responsibility As a dedicated project developer, we consciously face the social responsibility which we carry as a company: towards our employees and their families, our customers and contractors, the cities and municipality in which we operate and their citizens.

We economise sustainably and efficiently, and we take care to cautiously handle the resources available to us. This is what our project criteria stand for, which we are measured by, just as we are with our projects themselves. Whether it’s affordable housing (as in the “Guter Freund” district), the careful handling of historical heritage (as with the DIGITAL CHURCH, the former church of St. Elisabeth) or ecological buildings according to the certification requirements of the DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council) – as in the Smart Logistics cluster –; social contribution is an undeniable part of our work.

Further training opportunities for our employees serve personal and professional development. That is how we guarantee that Landmarken AG can continue to develop imaginative and challenging projects in the future.

In addition, we engage in social and cultural projects to promote public interest, such as the Aachen Initiativkreis Citymarketing, the European Charlemagne Prize Foundation, the future project Aachen 2025 or the Konvent der Baukultur (Convention of the Building Culture) 2016. Through our memberships such as those with Initiative Aachen, Aachen Building Experts or digitalHUB, we support the common goals of the associations. Our social commitment aims to sustainably strengthen the locations and the people who live and work there.