Our mission: With successful projects in major German cities we are one of the leading project developers particularly in North Rhine Westphalia. We are experienced in a wide variety of property sectors and manage also the most demanding regeneration schemes and masterplanning projects with skill and expertise.

Our projects have an identity, leave their mark and help to shape the places we live and work. This is the essence of any landmark and is what gives our company its name: a building with a defining impact on its surroundings. Turning a location into a brand is at the heart of what we do.

We stand for architecture with a high degree of design qualityand are motivated by the contribution that our work makes to society.

Our company relies on its people and they stand by these values: experts from many professional background, specialists ready to meet all of the challenges presented by the property business. Together we are an interdisciplinary team, capable and driven to deliver on all of our developments including single assets as well as the complex regeneration of entire neighbourhoods– with a passion for creativity, qualityand with enormous endurance. Find out more>

To our customerswe are a fair, reliable and professionalpartner. We are decisive and flexible in our thinking and always seek the best solution for each specific scheme in itslocation.
We are a member of the German Sustainable Building Council and subscribe to their economic and environmental values.

In every one of our projects and in our day-to-day work we place great importance on social responsibility. We seek to createvalue for each location and workin conjunction with decision-makers from administration, politics and the wider society.

We feel as strongly connected to our customers as we do to the people in the towns and cities in which we are active. This is what guides our business practices and is why we are committed to supporting social and cultural projects which deliver for the common good.
Our mission: "We shape the future, we shape regions" – Landmarken AG
Work with us and see if we live up to our mission statement!

"We understand and accept our social responsibility. We create value."